Insanely massive guide to abandoned places…

Alexandria - Underwater City

I recently stumbled across a massive guide on the web entitled The (WU)ltimate 33-Part Guide to Abandoned Places. After my post a few months ago linking to a series of photos of an abandoned Russian military base, HERE, I realised by the large numbers of visitors to that post in particular that I’m not the only one fascinated by creepy stories and creepier photos of abandoned and desolate old towns, castles, forts, etc. A good old haunting never hurt anyone either. Well, it may have, but that’s besides the point.

And so, I think a fair number of you will probably want to head over to the guide and check it out. To give you an idea of what is covered, here are a few examples of some of the staggering number of categories (of which there are 33 in total. The title kinda gave it away, innit?):

7 Abandoned Wonders of America
7 Abandoned Wonders of the European Union
7 Abandoned Wonders of the Former Soviet Union
7 Abandoned Wonders of Asia
24 Abandoned Cities and Ghost Towns
24 Abandoned Buildings and Places
Abandoned Houses, Homes, Ghost Towns and Neighborhoods
Abandoned Institutions, Asylums, Hospitals, Hotels and Churches
Historical and Mysterious Shipwrecks of the World
Deserted and Converted Abandoned Missile Silos
Abandoned Theme Parks, Theaters, Schools and Pools

When you’ve got some (lots) of time to kill, read the full guide here: The (WU)ltimate 33-Part Guide to Abandoned Places.

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