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The story of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster…

I’m sure that you’ve all seen this image, right?

Keep Calm and Carry On

It seems to be all over the internet in many different forms – different colours, different slogans, etc. as the following gallery of just a few that Google Images turned up will attest to:

One of my personal favourites carries pretty much the exact opposite message:

Now Panic and Freak Out

The Chive, a hugely popular photo gallery site has made its slogan “Keep Calm and Chive On”, along with printing very-hard-to-get-before-they-sell-out-each-time shirts with the slogan printed on them. An example:

The Chive KCCO Shirt

Of course mine is still somewhere in the postal system. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself when the shirt keeps failing to arrive in my post box…

Well, for those of a historical bent, here is a pretty interesting 3 minute clip on the story behind the famous original poster. Take a look:

Consider yourselves educated.

Abandoned psychiatric hospital images…

Jissis. Take a look at these pics of an abandoned mental asylum in New Jersey. That place would scare the kak outta you on a moonlit night.

The institution in question is a New Jersey State Hospital located in Morristown, NJ, USA, and was built in the 1870’s. Known as Greystone Psychiatric Hospital it’s probably safe to assume that the very next day it was considered by all who passed by to be ‘as scary as f@ck!’

Abandoned Mental Asylum

Abandoned Mental Asylum

Click the first of the below images to open up the rest of the gallery:

These pics are taken from Forbidden Places. Head over for a look and to see even more pics of the place. There is also a detailed description of the tour these brave souls did in the building to snap these pictures, along with a video clip with the “New jocks please” caption: “The wind blowing the gossamer curtain in the operation room made for a ghostly sight.” Ya think?

How they ever managed to get out to tell their tale before the ghosts got them is anyone’s guess.

Rocket launch as seen by skydivers…

Now THIS is an impressive photo!

Click image for a much larger version in a new window/tab.

Shuttle launch as seen by skydivers

Source: @imacza Space.com

This post was originally titled “Shuttle launch as seen by skydivers…”, but I was mistaken: it’s a rocket launch, not a shuttle (hence the differing permalink on this post). Further details about, and explanation of, the above pic here.

Thanks to ‘eot’ for letting me know.

Orangutan and dog become friends…

Orangutan and Dog friends

Another feel good animal-friendship story for this cold Monday morning…

Hound Dog and Orangutan Become Best Friends

Unlikely friends Surya the orangutan and Roscoe the hound dog were recently featured on National Geographic and the story of how these two animal pals met is now all over the internet. Get this: the orangutan was out for his daily elephant ride — OMG, jealous! — when he spotted “a worn-out old hound dog.” They ran right toward each other and hugged like long lost best friends.

Surya has learned to share his monkey biscuits with Roscoe and also to take him for a walk (which is actually more like a roll for the orangutan). The humans at the facility where Surya and Roscoe live are clearly pretty charmed by this animal pair. One of their keepers says, “Anything they can do together, I think they enjoy. Even if they just lay down together and hug.” Aww!

Source: urlesque

There is a YouTube clip of the two available on urlesque, the source of this post, but alas, National Geographic have blocked access to it outside of their main territories. Where those territories are and end evades me, but it does work in the USA. Or at least I assume so, or they wouldn’t have posted it, né?

Additionally, Sky News has a 12 photo slideshow of the pair. Go have a look.

Anyway… ag cute.

Orangutan and Dog friends

Images sourced from a previous urlesque post about these two.

Another ‘ag moeder’ animal-friendship story:

Hippo and Tortoise

The hippopotamus and the tortoise…

Please see if you can get me a cheaper quote…

Next time you and your dronkgat maaitjies decide to nick your old man’s supercar (your old man does have a supercar, right? C’mon, get with it!) for a wee joyride, try not to do this:

Trashed Ferrari

FAIL like you've never failed before!

Let’s check that out from a few more angles, just to fully appreciate the world of pain and trouble that’s heading your way: (click the first image to enlarge it and start the gallery)

So what do you reckon that’ll cost to “buff out”? i.e. for how long do you think you’ll be repaying each and every cent of your pocket money?

Here’s a brief quote: (again, click for larger version)

Ferrari Repairs Quote Page 1

But wait! There's more...

Nope, not done yet. You pulled a proper number on this one, didn’t you mate?

Ferrari Repairs Quote Page 2

In case you thought you were done...

That’s right. You currently owe…

Ferrari Repairs Quote TOTAL



Sorry for you pal.

Row row row your fail boat through global shipping routes…

The good folks over at Wired Science recently posted this GPS map of global shipping routes traffic over a year.

This isn’t really a point to posting this, other than the fact that I thought it was kinda cool. Take a look:

Global Shipping Routes Mapped by GPS



Well I thought so.

Source:A Year of Global Shipping Routes Mapped by GPS