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4 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Photo Book

Few things in life are as blissful as reminiscing old pleasant memories. Photos are a great way to document special moments in life. These photos need to be displayed in an attractive way that evokes pleasant emotions. Photo books are quickly gaining popularity as the perfect replacement for traditional photo albums. A photo book maker employs different materials and embellishments for the best photo book. Photo books are wonderful décor you can put in the living room to entertain your visitors. The photobooks also provide a brief history of your life which eases the introductory period. Now that you want to choose a photo book for your pictures, you need to consider the following factors that help you design and choose the perfect photo book.

1. Theme

Photobook themes vary from the type of photos you want to display. Favorite photo books themes range from bohemian to rustic. You can choose a laid-back theme for melancholic photo books, however. A pristine theme showcases your images in a well-arranged manner and does not camouflage the photos. Some themes accentuate your photos by blending in with the color and style. Mixbook has the best templates for different styles you can choose from for every type of photo book.

2. Text style

Photo books rarely require documenting words. However, introductory phrases go a long way in setting the mood for viewing the images. Monogram text styles are suitable for family photo books. If you are looking to spruce up your photo book, try ambigram text styles. You can vary the font and finish with Mixbook templates until you obtain your desired text style.

3. Orientation

A custom-made card needs to display the images in the proper orientation. Horizontal orientations are best when there are many pictures of your family and vacations in the book’s background. However, you can opt for the vertical orientation design, mainly operating on a tight budget. The length of text dictating the type of photo book is a salient aspect to consider when choosing your card’s orientation. A broad exposure invites the recipients of your card to indulge in the pictures contained wholeheartedly.

4. Material

The type of material you choose influences your recipients’ feelings on receiving the card from the mailbox. Smooth materials invoke feelings of tenderness and embody the level of love between you and your partner. The various materials you can choose from are:

  •       Vellum
  •       Cotton fiber
  •       Linen

The trade-off between finish and density is an important aspect to consider when choosing material for your card. A quintessential material maintains the feel you want without camouflaging the contents of your photos. Mixbook photo designers help you choose the suitable material for durability and aesthetic appeal.


A photo book brings all your memories together and documents your unique personality. Consider the above factors together with Mixbook tips for designing and choosing your photo book. Entertain your visitors today with the best photo book.

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