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Five Reasons to Visit One of Quebec’s Sugar Shacks

Eastern Canada is home to famous sugar sharks or cabane à sucre.  A lot of families run sugar shacks across Quebec and Montreal which take pride of their exquisite maple syrup during sugar off season. If you are wondering why you should visit one of these sugar shacks in Quebec, the following benefits should change your mind:

You Get to Dine at an Authentic Farm-to-Table Restaurant

This restaurant creates a perfect ambiance where you can experience the truest essence of farm-to-table traditions. This is where you will be catered with delicious delicacies prepared with fresh-farm raw materials. In Quebec, people come for generations to enjoy 12-course food they serve at a lucrative cost.

Enjoy Fresh Flavours

True food connoisseurs will taste the food, enjoy it, and ensure it touches their soul. Sugar shacks in Quebec will certainly not disappoint them. In fact, food connoisseurs would appreciate more footfalls of passionate foodies to taste and enjoy the gourmets catered with freshly chopped herbs and grounded spices often marinated on fish fillets or chicken breasts.

They Offer Many Options to Choose From

At any famous sugar shacks in Quebec, you can pick from any food from the menu that provides diverse gourmets. For breakfast, you can begin with pancakes with maple syrup, sandwiches, omelettes, spicy salamis, and sausages. Expect them to have over 12-course meals for the lunch and dinners. Also, they serve mouth-water desserts with maple syrup and taffy.

Try Nutritious Foods

Visiting a sugar shack lets you enjoy nutritious foods. These establishments will not offer stale and pre-cooked foods. Every plate is cooked after you place an order.

Learn about Maple Syrup Production

Maple syrup comes from three kinds of maple trees: black, red, and sugar maples. It can take up to 50 years before a huge Maple tree can be tapped for its syrup. When you visit a sugar shack, you get to learn about how they produce their staple products. Your short visit here can let you satisfy your sweet tooth and learn something new.

Sugar shacks in Quebec are as Canadians as ice hockey. You should visit one of them when you go to Canada. You only have to take a road trip to visit one in the country’s biggest maple syrup-producing province to see for yourself. Also, you can enjoy the most affordable food, events, festivals, and discounts for kids at sugar shacks in Quebec that are run by families.

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