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How Can You Prevent Varicose Veins?

There can be number of reasons due to which one may develop varicose veins. Some of the reasons are family history, age of the patient, pregnancy, being a woman, obesity, contraception therapy, hormonal replacement and sitting or standing for a long time.

Can you really prevent the occurrence of varicose veins? Answer is sadly no however you can prevent your existing condition from worsening. You may visit the website in order to get few solutions of various skin problems.

Following are few tips to prevent your existing varicose vein problem to go from bad to worse.

  • Avoid standing or sitting for a very long time

If a person either sits or stands in the same position for a long time then it becomes very difficult for the blood to move through your veins particularly against gravity. The pressure thus on your veins will rise.

Moving around will improve circulation of blood. Following exercise can help:

  • Cycling
  • Ankle stretching
  • Knee bending like marching.

  • Wear compression hosiery

By wearing a compression hosiery, you can keep the vein valves in proper position. This will help in preventing any blood swelling, pooling or pain. Also, you will not feel any cramp by wearing suitable hosiery.

You may also choose to discuss with your doctor and ask for his suggestion about the hosiery to be chosen for your daily use.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

By practising a healthy living style, you can considerably reduce the chance of increasing the varicose veins problem. Obesity is one of the big reasons for putting higher pressure on your veins.

You must also eat well based on sufficient protein, carbohydrates and also healthy fat. Avoid taking too much salt and other junk food. Drink enough water too.

  • Always do regular exercise

Walking is considered to be the best exercise for this problem. You can also perform yoga and its many poses can be helpful.

  • Pregnant women must sleep in proper position

One of the major causes of this varicose veins issue is due to pregnancy. Many women also recover from varicose veins after the baby is born.

During this time, it is essential to sleep on the left side which may help in preventing varicose veins and also can ease the symptoms if there are already existing varicose veins.

Such sleeping position will help in reducing the pressure which your expanding uterus may put on your big vein in the pelvic area, that is located on middle-right side of the body.

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