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Is Your Washing Machine Too Loud? Fix this in 4 Steps

Washing machines tend to vary in spin speed from less than a thousand rpm to more than 1600 rpm and higher speed can render these machines more noisy and unbalanced. This article explains how to fix the loudness.

  1. Turn your machine off

Before you do any maintenance on your laveuse LG, turn it off and plug it. If your machine is running a cycle and it gets loud, refer to the instruction manual provided to you for stopping the machine and draining it.

  1. Check the feet of the washing machine

The feet of your washing machine must always be in touch with the floor. In order to adjust the feet of the washing machine, you will need to unlock the locking nuts, then unscrew the feet. The washing machine must always be leveled so, use a spirit level to adjust the feet until you are satisfied. When you are done with the leveling, you must always keep in mind to screw the locking nuts back where they were and then firmly against the housing of the washing machine before you proceed to do your next wash.

  1. Steer clear from unbalanced loads

Washing a heavy clothing like a cotton towel can cause issues. The towel will suck away all the water and become heavy, if it sticks to one side of the drum then it will create an unbalanced load. Many modern washing machines are able to detect this and will try to rebalance the load by all means or not enter the spin cycle at all. If your washing machine does conduct a spin cycle with an unbalanced load then it may get noisy.

  1. Inspect the drum bearings

If the aforementioned steps don’t help at all, then your washing machine may be suffering from a bearing failure. It is a common fault and can be fixed by a professional only. Turn the drum when it is empty to inspect if the drum bearings are gone. If you sense a resistance, then the bearings of the machine may need a replacement. Another sign to look out for us that the metal drum may have dropped down and will no longer align with the rubber seal around the door opening.

If the problem is still not resolved, then consider buying quiet washing machines so as to make your laundry time as peaceful as possible.

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