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Must-avoid Mistakes When Launching a Facebook Ads Campaign   

You’re here because of one thing: you’ve been trying to do Facebook Ads for a while now, and you’re failing big time. Could be many reasons for that, and that includes committing a few must-avoid mistakes when launching a Facebook Ads campaign. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Facebook has more than a billion members around the world, but not all of them will be your customers or even interested in what you’re advertising. In fact, only a fraction of a percentage will, but that’s not what matters. What’s essential is ensuring that these people will spend money on your products and services. Hopefully, they do so over and over.

So if you’ve been losing a chunk of money on Facebook Ads, it could be because you have the wrong kind of audience. Ask yourself – have you done enough research on who and where to target? And if you know who your audience is, do you actually know what are they looking for?

  1. Not Providing the Right Offer

One of the strategies to create successful advertising campaigns on Facebook is to make a special offer. Your options are vast: e-books, white papers, discounts, promos, etc.

Your market, however, doesn’t respond to the same offers. Their reaction depends on many factors, including where they are in the sales funnel.

Take, for example, a lead. These people may have never heard your business before, which means you need to do more persuasion to convince them to click on your ad and visit your landing page.

For this group, you may want to provide some education first. You can create first ads for tutorials or mini-courses, and after you’ve already made a good impression on your potential audience than you can offer them another irresistible special offer of some kind.

  1. Not Tracking Your Performance

Just because you’re getting some customers and generating money using Facebook Ads doesn’t mean your campaigns are not draining your coffers. You’ll never know, though, until you apply advanced analytics.

Facebook provides you with some tools to help you make sense of your numbers and performance, but you can do more than that, like integrating the data also with Google Analytics, which allows you to improve attribution from an individual ad, or ad set, all the way through to a conversion.

  1. Using the Wrong Ad Type

One of the advantages of Facebook advertising is that you can choose among different ad types (like on other advertising platforms such as, for instance). Some of these are visually appealing too. These include the carousel, slideshow, canvas, and video.

The problem comes in when you fail to choose the right one, depending on where you plan to publish and who your target market is. It may lead to many issues, such as not maximizing the benefits of mobile advertising, among others.

  1. Forgetting to Test Your Landing Page

With so many ads on Facebook, you have one shot to impress your potential leads and, ultimately, get them through deeper into your sales funnel.

Therefore, you cannot afford to lose them by forgetting to test your landing page. What does this mean? Two things: first, does it work? Does it redirect the visitor to the right sales page (or other landing page form), and does it render well across multiple devices?

Second, is your landing page targeted enough? Even the placement of your buttons can affect your conversion significantly. At this point, it helps to have some knowledge about A/B split testing.

Facebook isn’t the only platform where you can look for customers, but it sure is a gold mine if you know how to spot and get the gold in the first place. Avoid making mistakes like those mentioned above, and you’re on your way to doing that.

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