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Unexpected Benefits Of Living On a Military Base

If you are in the military, you might want to consider living on a military base as there are many benefits for you and your family in doing so. Finding a new place to live isn’t always easy, but luckily, you have the option to live on base and you can always get the help you need with a Luke AFB realtor.

Great Community and Special Accommodations

Military bases are great communities that offer special accommodations to their residents. One benefit of living on the military base is the stability it gives your family and the safety of a gated community with guards on staff 24 hours each day. Most bases are tight knit communities and you will be welcomed with open arms by the friendly group of residents. High quality houses are also available on bases along with great onsite amenities. Amenities include gyms, pools, playgrounds and always things to do like parties and onsite events for holidays. Programs for the kids are also available year round, including after school programs and even child care. The loving community is also a great support system. Everyone on the base is in the military and understands how difficult it can be on families from time to time. Support services for the whole family are available onsite which includes counseling, religious services, medical and dental services.

Living on a military base will mean you are closer to work and will have a shorter commute. You can also save on bills as you will have fewer to pay. Child care is usually available on site as well. Plus, these bases are usually near a lot of great things like schools, restaurants and shopping spots. This is especially true near Luke Air Force Base in Glendale. There is always something to do nearby including football games, concerts, festivals and more. Glendale is just a short drive from downtown Phoenix where a lot of the magic happens. From trendy shops to delicious restaurants, there is something for everyone in the Phoenix area. Plus, you can’t beat the weather with sunshine year round and minimal rain. You can enjoy the outdoors at one of the many hiking spots or cool off at a nearby lake. No matter what you are looking to do, living on a military base near a big city will give you endless options and opportunities.

Using a Trusting Realtor

If you are looking to live on a military base or near one in Arizona, Julia Calza is your leading realtor near Luke AFB. Providing the guidance and support you need to relocate, Julia Calza will be able to help you find your next home. Julie Calza is known to serve active members, reserve members and DOD affiliates at Luke Air Force Base, offering advice and knowledge on the process of buying a new home in the area. If you need help using your VA loan benefit, Julie Calza will also be able to offer assistance. For a trustworthy and knowledgeable realtor, turn to Julie Calza for all of your real estate needs.

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