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What Kind of Dog Collar is Best for Your Dog?

When it comes to your dog’s collar, details matter. How do you know which collar is right for your dog? There are so many different styles of dog collars to choose from, and this article will help you identify the best collar for your dog.


Metal or plastic buckles


The most obvious reason to choose a metal buckle is if you have a strong dog. Metal buckles can withstand more wear and tear (and tension) than plastic.


The next best reason to get a collar with a metal buckle is if your dog loves to chew. It’s not easy to keep a chewer away from their collar at all times. For example, you might give them a bath, let them out of the bathroom, and forget you left their collar on the couch.


Plastic buckles can also break if you’re not careful where you stash your dog’s collar. If it’s on the floor, someone can step on it and crush the buckle.


Quick release collars


Breakaway collars are designed to come apart with tension to prevent strangulation if your dog gets stuck somewhere. These are great if you let your dog roam around on a large property with bushes and trees.


You probably know about the quick release collars for cats. They’re also made for dogs. Dog quick release collars are made to be sturdier than the ones made for cats.


Quick release collars come with a couple downsides. If your quick release collar doesn’t come with metal rings, you’ll have to use a harness or a second leash to walk your dog. Also, if your dog does get stuck and breaks free, they won’t have any identification. However, these collars save lives.


Lighted safety collars


Some collars come with a light that flashes or stays solid when you press a button on the buckle. These come in all thicknesses for just about any dog. They’re great to use when walking your dog at night to help you stay visible.


The downside is you’ll have to replace the battery frequently. If your dog stays home alone with a lighted collar, you can guarantee they’ll push the button and drain the battery just by rolling around.


If you use a lighted collar, make it last longer by using it only for night time walks.


Prong collars


Prong collars are extremely controversial. Some people say using a prong is animal abuse, while others say it’s a highly effective training tool. The truth is that a prong collar, used incorrectly, can hurt your dog. The problem isn’t the collar, it’s user error. It’s a training tool, not a tool for discipline.


A properly fitted prong collar positioned and used correctly will not hurt your dog. The problem is, most people have never been shown how to fit or use one. A prong collar isn’t worn like a regular collar – it’s designed to sit right below the ears. To correct your dog, you only need to tug gently on the leash.


Chain slip collars (choke chains)


These collars should be avoided completely. Choke chains literally cause your dog to choke, and are responsible for killing and injuring thousands of dogs.


If your dog pulls on the lead, a choke chain won’t make them stop. If your dog is pulling on their lead and you aren’t sure how to get them to stop, seek help from a trainer in your area.


Leather collars


Rolled leather collars are great to prevent hair loss or parting. Leather is also a great option for fashionable collars when you want your dog to look sharp.


A high-quality leather collar will last a long time.


Nylon collars


Nylon collars come in an endless array of colors and patterns and can last for many years. Nylon collars are typically flat, and you can choose the proper width for your dog’s size.


Smart collars


What isn’t smart in today’s world? Of course there would be smart dog collars. These are collars equipped with technology that can help you accomplish several tasks.


First, smart collars are equipped with GPS so you can easily find your dog with a smartphone app. Some smart collars help you train your dog and track your dog’s activity.


The right collar(s) and some training will go a long way


Your dogs are family and taking care of them should be a priority. Start by choosing the appropriate collars for each task you need to accomplish, whether it’s training or going out for a nighttime walk.

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